Free Tools for Teacher-Leaders, Turnaround Principals

January 5, 2017

Start off the new year with support from a large selection of new, free tools from Public Impact. Whether you are leading a teaching team or leading a school—especially one attempting a turnaround—you’ll find tools based on research and the practices of the best Opportunity Culture teacher-leaders and principals nationally.

Tools for Multi-Classroom Leaders (and all accountable teacher-leaders!)

Co-plan and monitor schoolwide goals, with support from your principal and colleagues:

Take the right steps, and clarify roles:

Lead your team to ensure a culture of instructional excellence:

Improve yourself and your team:

See more for teachers and teacher-leaders here.


Tools for Principals 

In typical schools, principals must be instructional leaders for dozens of teachers. Only a small portion of principals are able to lead schools to excellence with this wide span and numerous administrative duties. In addition, too few principals learn to be great leaders in advance, and too many of the best move up by moving out of schools, into the central office.

See tools and resources for principals here.

For Turnaround Principals

Identify and track goals and methods for successful, sustainable turnarounds:

Use these updated principal competencies and actions for turnaround success:


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