Opportunity Culture® Videos

Behavioral Event Interview Demo

A behavioral event interview (BEI) is a specialized interview technique focused on past events to uncover key patterns of behavior or thinking that better predict future success.

Meet A SIMPLE Instructor

Former Multi-Classroom Leader, Okema Owens Simpson, explains why she believes in the Opportunity Culture SIMPLEtutoring culture. Learn more and register for the Opportunity Culture SIMPLE™ Tutoring Design series here.

5 Things MCLs Do Every Day

Want to know what a Multi-Classroom Leader, or MCL, does during a typical school day? Check out this short video!

Celebrating 10 Years of Impact

We’re celebrating Opportunity Culture’s 10th Anniversary with a few words from Public Impact’s co-presidents about the first decade’s impact on students and teachers. Become an Opportunity Culture district to be part of the next decade’s impact! 

Partial-Release Multi-Classroom Leader Role

In Opportunity Culture schools, teacher-leaders in the Multi-Classroom Leader, or MCL, role, may be “partial release” or “full release.” Partial-release MCLs have their own classroom of record and teach for part of the day but have release time to leave their classroom to work with their team teachers.