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Public Impact can help you go bigger and faster with a range of services to meet any budget:

School Design with Results
Consulting Services

Our core suite of services—with expert coaching for district and school teams to design new roles, career paths, pay, schedules, budgeting, instruction, and more, at a range of price points. Teams can supplement design and implementation with live professional learning for CEU credit, and monitoring and feedback services.

Monitoring and Feedback Services

A decade of data from thousands of educators helps us guide system and school leaders with benchmark monitoring, our annual educator survey, and coaching for school and team leaders.

Instructional and Leadership
Professional Learning

Our engaging in-person and virtual, live professional learning sessions support Opportunity Culture teachers, teacher-leaders, principals, staff, and administrators. The sessions build their expertise in their Opportunity Culture roles and specific aspects of leadership and instructional excellence, such as building a tutoring culture.

The Opportunity Culture® Portal

Our online platform supports all Opportunity Culture school design, professional learning, and monitoring and feedback. Pair a low-cost annual portal subscription with our consulting services and professional learning to get bigger results faster.

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Intro to School Staffing Design with Results™: Take the first leap into school designregister for this 2.5-hour PL session


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SIMPLE™ Tutoring Design: Register for one session or this entire 5-part series in February 2024 to provide tutoring for all within budget


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The Opportunity Culture® Portal

Our affordable online platform supporting all Opportunity Culture school design and professional learning, the portal lets school systems design, monitor, analyze, and improve their Opportunity Culture implementation at a low cost, using national data about what works. It includes guidance for teaching teams on small-group tutoring for all students, professional learning for Opportunity Culture educator and director roles, and will include on-demand school design guidance in 2024.

School Design with Results™ Services

Our Core Design Consulting Services

Our consulting services include expert co-design and coaching on new roles, career paths, pay, schedules, budgeting, instruction to prepare for Opportunity Culture implementation and post-implementation monitoring and feedback, with access to our Opportunity Culture portal. All designs include Multi-Classroom Leadership, teaching team roles, and paraprofessional roles. Additional options include roles for teacher residents, remotely located Multi-Classroom Leader roles, and Multi-School Leader roles.

School systems can also design on their our own through the Opportunity Culture portal, with on-demand steps, tools, and recommendations.

Add coaching and/or live professional learning when your budget allows for bigger, faster results.

School Design with Results™ Professional Learning

Supplement your team’s learning by adding live school design professional development sessions. Participants may receive certificates of completion that can be submitted for CEU licensure credit, with options for official Opportunity Culture certification.

School Design with Results™ Monitoring and Feedback

Boost your results and educator satisfaction with reviews of your schools’ implementation and recommendations for improvement, an annual survey of your educators comparing to thousands of others across the country, and personalized leadership coaching for principals and teacher-leadersall based on 10 years of data and our team’s extensive experience leading change.

Instructional and Leadership Professional Learning for Educators

Instructional and leadership professional learning is available for teachers, teacher-leaders, principals, staff, and administrators to build knowledge about Opportunity Culture roles, creating a tutoring culture, and leadership and instructional excellence. In-person and virtual, live sessions are available in the summer and during the school year; on-demand school design, tutoring design, and some role-specific modules are standard in the Opportunity Culture portal.

SIMPLE™ Tutoring Design

Register now to guarantee your spot in individual modules or the entire live, virtual Opportunity Culture SIMPLE™ Tutoring Design Series: Build a Scalable, Sustainable Tutoring Culture. Series begins February 1, 2024

Educator Professional Learning

Sign up for summer or through-the-year professional learning for Opportunity Culture educators, plus additional professional learning for aspiring Multi-Classroom Leaders and district leaders.

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