Opportunity Culture® Dashboard

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committed to Opportunity Culture® designs in 2022–23


 with advanced roles or on-the-job development in 2022–23


reached by excellent teachers & their teams extending reach in 2023–24*


extra pay


for Opportunity Culture® educators since OC began and $16.4M in 2022–23


in 13 states have used Opportunity Culture® models since 2013. Contact us for more information!




teachers on MCL™-led teams moved from producing 50th percentile student learning growth to 77th percentile, on average in math and reading


of surveyed

teachers in Multi-Classroom Leader™ (MCL™) roles would like Opportunity Culture® roles to continue in their schools

Results: Two independent Opportunity Culture® studies show large student learning gains.

*This entire dashboard is updated every spring; during the following year, as more sites join the Opportunity Culture® initiative, we provide interim updates to the site, state, and students served data, so you will see different school years noted in the items above. When we reported the spring 2022–23 update, we reported 150K+ students served, in 60 sites in 11 states.