Opportunity Culture Professional Learning

Supporting your journey as an Opportunity Culture educator

Our professional learning supports Opportunity Culture educators in preparing, reflecting on, and adjusting their work with students and teachers. These engaging sessions, grounded in adult learning principles and research-based content, bring Opportunity Culture educators across the country together to share their talents and experience through group reflection, collaboration, and problem-solving.

Opportunity Culture professional learning draws from a variety of sources and frameworks, such as Get Better Faster by Paul Bambrick-Santoyo and The Art of Coaching by Elena Aguilar, as well as Opportunity Culture best practices to inform our learning tailored to exactly what Opportunity Culture educators need.

We offer:


sessions specific to each role,


choice-based delivery format grounded in Opportunity Culture best practices,


built-in time to collaborate and share expertise with Opportunity Culture educators from across the country,


sessions during the summer, and throughout the school year, and


certificates for all professional learning sessions with hours for live and asynchronous learning.

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Summer Professional Learning

We offer virtual and in-person sessions for new and returning Opportunity Culture educators.

School-Year Professional Learning

Educators continue to develop their leadership and instructional skills in sessions throughout the year.

Additional Opportunity Culture Professional Learning

Prospective and experienced Opportunity Culture teacher-leaders can benefit from additional professional learning support—from the Aspiring Multi-Classroom Leader Academy to our SIMPLE™ Tutoring Design series.

Opportunity Culture District Capacity-Building Support

We provide support for new and experienced Opportunity Culture district leaders and Opportunity Culture Directors during the summer and school year.

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Registration for Opportunity Culture national professional learning sessions is limited to individuals in Opportunity Culture roles through the Opportunity Culture School Excellence Portal. If your district has not worked with Public Impact and you are not sure whether your educators qualify, we’d love to learn more about your implementation. Contact us to become recognized as an Opportunity Culture site!

School Design with Results™ Professional Learning

Supplement your team’s learning by adding live school design professional development sessions. Participants may receive certificates of completion that can be submitted for CEU licensure credit, with options for official Opportunity Culture certification.

7 states, 26 districts, 133 schools, and 750 participants were reached by Opportunity Culture Professional Learning in 2021-22

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