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Opportunity Culture® and Public Impact® are registered trademarks under U.S. Federal Law. Multi-Classroom Leader™, MaxAv™, Certified Opportunity Culture School™, and Certified Opportunity Culture School System™ have federal registrations pending. The following are trademarked terms: 3X for All™, Direct-Reach Teacher™, DRT™, EIT™, ELLI-T™, ERT™, Expanded-Impact Teacher™, Extended-Impact Teacher™, Extended-Reach Teacher™, Focused Co-Design™, Intensive Co-Design™, Master Direct Reach Teacher™, Master Expanded-Impact Teacher™, Master Extended-Impact Teacher™, Master Extended-Reach Teacher™, Master Team Reach Teacher™, MCL™, MDRT™, MEIT™, MERT™, MSL™, MTRA™, MTRT™, Multi-Classroom Leadership™, Multi-School Leader™, Multi-Team Reach Associate™, OC™, OppyT™, RA™, Reach Associate™, Reach Teacher™, Self-Driven Co-Design™, Self-Driven Design™, SIMPLE-TC™, Team Reach™, Team Reach Associate™, Team Reach Teacher™, TRA™, and TRT™.

Copyright Guidelines

We encourage the free use, reproduction, and distribution of materials on this website, but we require attribution on every page. If you adapt the materials, you must include on every page “Adapted from OpportunityCulture.org®; © Public Impact®.” Distribution of any Opportunity Culture® materials not on this website is expressly prohibited.

Videos and slides must use a font equally legible and at least as large as Calibri 14 point. Text documents and web pages must use a font equally legible and at least as large as Calibri 12 point, or, for citations in the text body, the same font size as surrounding text; web page attributions must be visible, without scrolling up or down, at 100 percent view on a 14-inch screen. Tweets and other short media and social media mentions of copyrighted or trademarked terms, phrases, graphics, and other images must include @OppCulture, @OpportunityCulture, or the relevant handle for Public Impact® on other social media sites.*

Materials may not be sold, leased, licensed, or otherwise distributed for compensation.

You are free to:

  • Share it— copy and redistribute our material in any medium or format
  • Adapt it— remix, transform, and build upon our material

But ONLY if you:

  • Include Attribution — You must include on every pageOpportunityCulture.org®; © Public Impact®and add “Adapted from” at the beginning if changes were made. Do not suggest that Public Impact® endorses you or your changes. You must follow the size and font specifications above, and you must contact us for further instructions if using media not described above.
  • Do not sell, lease, license, or distribute this in any way for compensation.

Usage Guidelines

It is our intent to make the materials on this website available for public benefit. We are committed to protecting the quality and integrity of the materials. We are also committed to preventing any misrepresentation by third parties of any affiliation with Public Impact® or the Opportunity Culture® initiative, whether intended or unintended, regarding our materials or services that may deceive the public in any way.

No organization, entity or individual may claim ownership of Opportunity Culture® materials or affiliation with the Opportunity Culture® initiative or Public Impact® unless expressly agreed by written contract and in strict accordance with the terms of such contract.Schools, districts, and other organizations may not use the term “Opportunity Culture®” to name any project, initiative, or strategy, or use the trademarked terms below to name any role offered, without obtaining the express, written permission of Public Impact® and without adhering to the terms under which such permission is granted, including but not limited to submission of data about adherence to the Opportunity Culture® principles and other elements correlated with student learning growth. Organizations and individuals misrepresenting materials or their role in the Opportunity Culture® work, or using materials or providing services in any way that Public Impact® deems against the public interest, may be prohibited from any further use of Opportunity Culture® or Public Impact® materials or the Opportunity Culture® or Public Impact® names for any purposes, commercial or otherwise.

Creative Commons License
The above guidelines on licensing our work are based on the Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial 2.0 Generic License.

Usage Exemptions for Opportunity Culture® Sites

Public Impact® expressly gives employees of schools and districts that have worked with Public Impact® to design schools within Opportunity Culture® principles the right to use the trademarked terms on social media without attribution to Public Impact® or the Opportunity Culture® initiative for purposes of recruiting employees and promoting Opportunity Culture® roles, as long as roles and terms are used in accordance with our published material. This right is nontransferable to third parties.

Schools, districts, or CMOs wishing to transition to Opportunity Culture® models must use Public Impact® services or a Public Impact®-certified provider.

Feedback Terms of Use

We hope that you will provide your Feedback (as defined below) so that we may better support, improve and pursue the work presented on this website or related work you may have seen elsewhere. However, you agree that you will not supply Feedback that infringes or violates the rights of others, and you hereby grant a License to Public Impact® (as defined below) in your Feedback. You agree that we have no obligation to pay you or anyone else for Feedback or for the License to us. “Feedback” means all remarks, data, suggestions, methods, surveys, reports, processes and ideas (including patentable ideas) and other content that you provide about the content of this website or related work whether provided to us or persons working with us, and whether provided through other fora.

As used above, “License to us” means a non-exclusive, perpetual, irrevocable, royalty-free, transferable, sub-licensable, worldwide license to Public Impact® to exercise all now or later existing intellectual property rights or other rights of yours or others in the Feedback, for purposes of supporting this project (as determined by us in our discretion from time to time) in full or in part and in all possible media (now known or later developed). The foregoing rights include (but are not limited to), the right to display, perform, read (on air or otherwise), and publish in public or private sites, newspapers or other media, brochures, reports and so on, all or part of the Feedback and any other information that you provide. The License to us is in addition to any (if any) that you may be required to provide under any separate agreement between us and you.