Opportunity Culture® Newsletter

May 2024 Newsletter: What Makes Strategic Staffing Changes Stick?

How do great educators use the results of one school year to plan and launch the next? In our free, three-part webinar series, excellent educators in the Multi-Classroom Leader™ role will share their wisdom. We also share keys to sustainability from educators in Vance County, who are in year six of Opportunity Culture® implementation. Plus you’ll find professional learning opportunities, tools, videos, social media highlights and more! Read the May 2024 newsletter here.

February 2024 Newsletter: Creating Daily Support for Special Education Teachers

Show your educators some love! Our February 2024 newsletter features a blog post about how two schools provide stronger support for special education teachers by creating small Multi-Classroom Leader™ teams; a preview of the new Opportunity Culture® portal; upcoming professional learning opportunities; plus tools, videos, and social media highlights. Read the February 2024 newsletter here.

January 2024 Newsletter: A Rising Tide of Tutoring

In our January 2024 newsletter, it’s “all hands on deck” as we help schools launch a tutoring culture that engages all adults in the building in small-group teaching and tutoring under the leadership of an excellent educator using the SIMPLE method. The newsletter also includes our new video about the Reach Associate role; a sneak peak at the School Excellence Portal, coming in July; plus tools, videos, social media highlights, and upcoming events. Check it out here!

December 2023 Newsletter: Tips for Strong Recruitment

In our December 2023 newsletter, we share tips for getting an early start on educator recruitment; good news from Opportunity Culture districts around the county; tools, videos, and social media highlights; and upcoming events and webinars. Read the December 2023 newsletter here.

September 2023 Newsletter: It’s Party Time—Celebrating You!

In our September 2023 newsletter, we celebrate 10 years of Opportunity Culture impact; unveil our revamped website; congratulate several Opportunity Culture districts on recent recognition; share tools, videos, and social media highlights; and introduce the newest Public Impact team members. Read the September 2023 newsletter here.

August 2023 Newsletter: Bring a Tutoring Culture to MCL Teams

The August newsletter includes information about the Opportunity Culture SIMPLE™ Tutoring Design professional learning series; data from the Opportunity Culture Dashboard; highlights from summer professional learning sessions; tools, resources, and more. Read the August 2023 newsletter here.