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Use research-proven Opportunity Culture staffing models to reach all students with excellent teaching and tutoring, all educators with supported, well-paying careers.

About the Opportunity Culture Initiative

Public Impact created and leads the Opportunity Culture initiative, the nation’s largest and most successful school staffing design effort. We are the most experienced school and staffing transformation service in the U.S., helping districts since 2013 to use our Opportunity Culture models to bring about robust educator support, sustainable higher pay, and strong student results. We are committed to educator development and success, and our design and professional learning services boast high client satisfaction.

Using Innovative Staffing

The Opportunity Culture initiative’s models help schools address persistent educational challenges of lagging student learning and teacher shortages. The models use small teaching teams to provide increased small-group teaching and tutoring for students, with team leadership from an excellent teacher, and create yearlong, paid teacher residencies and well-paid, sustainable career paths.

Multi-Classroom Leader Teams

Pre-K–12 Multi-Classroom Leader (MCL) teams are the cornerstone of Opportunity Culture design; these teams, led by teachers with a record of student learning growth, offer a variety of roles for teachers, paraprofessionals, and yearlong teacher residents that pay more, increase learning, and address teacher shortages.

Strong Learning Growth

Third-party studies found that, on average, students gain an extra half-year of learning growth when their teachers are on Opportunity Culture Multi-Classroom Leader teams, many of which included advanced teaching and paraprofessional roles. Teachers who joined MCL teams moved from producing 50th percentile student learning growth to 77th percentile.

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