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Unlocking the 5 Opportunity Culture Design Principles

Have educators new to Opportunity Culture schools, or schools considering Opportunity Culture designs? Our new professional learning session can help!

Your district’s educators can use PL funding for this live, virtual session, and receive certificates of completion that can be submitted for CEU licensure credit.

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Creating Daily, Job-Embedded Support for Special Education Teachers

How can schools provide stronger support for special education teachers? Schools we work with generally start their strategic staffing planning by creating small Multi-Classroom Leader™ teams—grade- or subject-based teaching teams led a teacher with a record of...

Unlocking the 5 Opportunity Culture Design Principles: Introduction to School Design with Results™


Professional Learning

Our engaging, research-based, summer and school-year professional learning sessions are tailored for each Opportunity Culture role to help Multi-Classroom Leader teams achieve dramatic learning gains with their students. We offer professional learning designed to build district leaders’ capacity to monitor and strengthen Opportunity Culture implementation.

Design and Implementation

For districts that have not yet scaled up Opportunity Culture staffing design to all schools, our co-design options can help you achieve that goal. We offer ongoing implementation services such as monitoring, feedback, and surveys, to ensure systems get the impact they want. Our School Excellence Portal makes it easy to analyze and improve Opportunity Culture implementation.

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How Opportunity Culture Models Help Address Challenges

Staffing Shortages

Staffing shortages have plagued some schools for decades. Opportunity Culture staffing designs provide a solution that shifts schools out of emergency hiring mode—and boosts learning. Learn how Opportunity Culture tools address staffing shortages—with high-paying advanced roles, improved support for new teachers, and staffing models that do not require filling every teacher vacancy to ensure that students have access to excellent instruction.

Small-Group Tutoring

Maximize the research-proven power of tutoring when Multi-Classroom Leaders guide their teaching teams. This leadership—paired with rotational scheduling often used in Opportunity Culture models—helps schools scale up effective small-group tutoring by paraprofessionals and team teachers, helping reach all students with personalized attention. Our professional learning series, Opportunity Culture SIMPLE™ Tutoring Design, can help.

Paid Teacher Residencies

Opportunity Culture schools can build teacher pipelines through yearlong, sustainably paid teacher residencies. Residents play critical roles for students and teachers by serving on Multi-Classroom Leader teams while learning teaching skills from excellent teachers. Paid residencies also address the need for teacher candidates to earn income while obtaining degrees, lowering the barriers to entering the profession.


Educator Columns

From teacher-of-the-year to teacher resident, we share stories of Opportunity Culture educators from districts across the country. Whether in their own words or ours, their message rings clear—teachers love their Opportunity Culture roles!

Voices on Videos

Our team loves visiting Opportunity Culture schools, gathering voices of educators talking about their Opportunity Culture roles. Watch our extensive library of videos to see how Opportunity Culture models have transformed their schools.

Opportunity Culture Audio

What have Opportunity Culture educators learned about successfully redesigning schools to reach all students with excellent teaching?  Opportunity Culture Audio brings their advice to help confront some of the stickiest issues facing education.

More districts and charter school organizations—large and small, rural and urban—make the Opportunity Culture commitment every year.


Instructional Leadership & Excellence Resources

When teachers and principals lead small teams, the whole school can achieve instructional excellence and a welcoming environment for all. We offer curated resources on the critical elements of instructional leadership and excellence for teachers and principals.

Teaching Reading Using the Science of Reading

Schools taking on a shift to instruction based on the science of reading can smooth the way with Multi-Classroom Leader teams. Schools can use MCL roles to ease the burden for individual teachers while ensuring consistency and follow-through at every grade level. 

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