The Opportunity Culture® Results

Strong student learning growth and educator satisfaction with higher educator pay

Created by Public Impact,®Opportunity Culture® models boast 10 years of student learning growth and educator-pleasing results:


Student learning growth:

An extra half-year, every year


Educator satisfaction:

Surveys show educators love their small teams led by teachers with a record of high-growth learning—and the higher pay and support they receive



Invest once to make the transition to new roles, get long-term payoff in student growth, teacher recruitment and retention


Build-your-own teacher pipeline:

Paid, full-time, yearlong residencies for aspiring teachers

I definitely say, “It’s something that any district should do.”

—North Carolina superintendent

Schools Get Results

Students gain an extra half-year of learning each year, on average, when an educator in the Multi-Classroom Leader™ role with prior high growth leads a teaching team with a variety of team role options. The odds of a teacher helping students make high-growth learning more than double when on these teams.

The teams also make it possible to create a tutoring culture, giving all students access to more small-group teaching and tutoring during the school day to further boost learning.

Educators express strong satisfaction with their roles

97% of teachers in the team leader role and 87% of all staff on the teams would like these roles to continue in their schools, according to survey results

Percentage of teachers in the team leader role who:

  • Want these roles to continue in their schools 97% 97%
  • Agree that the supports provided translate into improved instructional practice 96% 96%
  • Agree that excellent teachers have the opportunity to lead peers in their schools 95% 95%
  • Report that pay opportunities are better with these roles 94% 94%

As the annual update of statistics on the data dashboard shows:


estimated reached by excellent teachers and their teams in 2023–24


had advanced roles or received on-the-job development on these teams in 2022–23

$ Extra Pay

went to Opportunity Culture® educators since 2013; $16.4M in 2022–23

Everyone Benefits

Districts and schools using these models also describe the improvement they see in educator recruitment and retention since beginning implementation, and improving educator pipelines through advanced paraprofessional and teacher resident roles.

When students learn more, they can ultimately get better jobs and earn more. Using McKinsey’s method for calculation,* students in classrooms using these team models will earn over $100,000 more in their careers, on average.

Students earning more boosts local economies fast. The more schools that adopt the models, the bigger the local boost.

And the more schools statewide using these models, the bigger the boost to the state’s economy​. Again using McKinsey’s math, in an average state, implementing these models statewide would add $6 billion to $10 billion to the economy over 16 years, if three-fourths of schools make the transition rapidly.​ Increased tax revenues could be used to pay teachers more and meet other priorities​.

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We saw an improvement in their outcomes immediately last year in terms of growth of students…and we saw an increase in the number of teachers who outperform the state in terms of growth of students.

North Carolina superintendent