Videos: Instructional Leadership

Connect Opportunity Culture® Work to Mission and Vision

Beth Thompson, principal of Whitewater Middle School in Charlotte, N.C., before becoming the district’s assistant superintendent, explains the importance of regularly reminding school staff of the “why” behind the work they do.

Model eagerness for learning

The excitement is contagious as Multi-Classroom Leader Lara Harris shows her students how to tell a great story.

Make Co-Planning a Team Activity

Multi-classroom leader Jacqueline Smith focuses her team on advance work to make planning meetings efficient, in-depth, and effective.

Set Norms and Understand Individual Styles

Multi-classroom leader Bri Waddell discusses how she adapts to her teaching team members’ styles for collaborating, and how the team sets norms for collaboration.

Set Clear Coaching Process

Principal Erica Jordan-Thomas talks about the ongoing professional development needed to create a clear, strong coaching process that all members of the instructional team of leaders follow.