Videos: Instructional Excellence

Using Opportunity Culture Roles to Support Science of Reading-Based Instruction

The science of reading has “come alive” at Lucama Elementary, in North Carolina’s Wilson County Schools, after the principal and her team of Multi-Classroom Leaders led the use of multiple curricula and data-driven small-group instruction and interventions—resulting in strong student learning growth.

Proactively, positively engage with students

Classroom meetings help to form bonds with your students and build a community of learners, say Katie McAuliffe, a fourth-grade teacher, and her multi-classroom leader, Sean Carberry.

Involve students in setting their own goals

Students need to know where they are educationally and where they want to be so they understand what steps to take to reach their goals, as Candace Butler demonstrates.

Celebrate Student Success

Multi-Classroom Leader Fred Hoffmann describes how his school recognizes student achievements.

Track and Compare Multiple Data Points

Multi-classroom leader Jacqueline Smith carefully tracks and analyzes results from all interim assessments with her team to push all students to mastery.