Videos: The Opportunity Culture® Model

Meet A SIMPLE-TC™ Instructor

Former Multi-Classroom Leader, Okema Owens Simpson, explains why she believes in the Opportunity Culture SIMPLEtutoring culture. Learn more and register for the Opportunity Culture SIMPLE™ Tutoring Design series here.

Celebrating 10 Years of Impact

We’re celebrating Opportunity Culture’s 10th Anniversary with a few words from Public Impact’s co-presidents about the first decade’s impact on students and teachers. Become an Opportunity Culture district to be part of the next decade’s impact! 

Leading Through Co-Teaching a Combined Class

As a temporary solution to a shortage of paraprofessional reach associates who can provide release time, Multi-Classroom Leader Sunil Dutt combines one of his math blocks with that of a new teacher into one large group meeting in the library, so that Dutt can co-teach and model instruction.

Building Space for Collaborative Instruction

In this short video, see how one school’s room designs, including moveable walls, proved “perfect” for Opportunity Culture teams and their students. While such design is not needed for Opportunity Culture implementation, it has made collaboration even easier for multi-classroom leader teams in this Midland, Texas, school.

Edgecombe County Public Schools: Believe in What’s Possible

Learn how Edgecombe County Public Schools is using Opportunity Culture educator roles, like multi-classroom leaders, expanded-impact teachers, and reach associates, to fulfill its commitment to innovation, family, and exceeding expected growth for students.

Opportunity Culture®: Teaching, Leading, Learning—Part 2

Part 2—Here’s How: Part 2 of this two-part video details how an Opportunity Culture provides on-the-job, consistent support for all teachers to reach many more students with excellence, learn more, and earn more—by having great teachers lead teams or reach more students directly, with more school-day collaboration and planning time.

Opportunity Culture®: Teaching, Leading, Learning—Part 1

Part 1—Why Opportunity Culture?: What barriers keep teachers and students from experiencing great support and strong learning outcomes? Part 1 of this two-part video highlights some of the barriers that an Opportunity Culture can remove.

Teach Boldly: Vance County Schools Educators in Vance County Schools explain what they love about Opportunity Culture® and the new teaching roles it offers them. To learn more about Opportunity Culture® schools in Vance County, visit this...

Why Choose an Opportunity Culture®?

Teachers, principals, and superintendents describe the impact Opportunity Culture has made in their schools’ student and teacher growth.

Opportunity Culture® Gets Results

Principals and superintendents describe some of the positive impacts of Opportunity Culture on student achievement and school culture.