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Opportunity Culture® Teacher Residencies

Ector County and Midland school districts are two of the 11 Texas sites using Opportunity Culture paid, yearlong teacher residencies as of 2022-23. Teacher residents are an integral part of small teaching teams led by multi-classroom leaders. Educators from these Texas districts describe how their residencies benefit students, schools, and aspiring teachers.

Audriana Munoz on Being a Teacher Resident

Audriana Munoz, a teacher resident at Pease Elementary in Ector County ISD, describes how her yearlong paid residency, working under the guidance of a multi-classroom leader, prepared her to enter the teaching profession already feeling like “a second-year teacher.”

On Being a Team Reach Teacher

Team reach teachers work on a multi-classroom leader’s team, directly teaching more students than usual but typically without raising instructional group sizes.

From Reach Associate to Classroom Teacher

Delmonika Vick, a math teacher at North Edgecombe High School in Tarboro, NC, says being a reach associate for two years—a role she loved—prepared her to be a stronger teacher.

Pioneering Blended-Learning Teachers Reach More Students

Scott Nolt and Caitlyn Gironda pioneered blended-learning classes in their North Carolina district, extending their reach to more students by teaching two groups of students during the same class period—when one group was in class with the teacher, the other worked...