Using Opportunity Culture® Roles to Support Science of Reading-Based Instruction

The science of reading has “come alive” at Lucama Elementary, in North Carolina’s Wilson County Schools, after the principal and her team of Multi-Classroom Leaders led the use of multiple curricula and data-driven small-group instruction and interventions—resulting in strong student learning growth.

For more about Lucama, named a 2023 Blue Ribbon School by the by the U.S. Department Education, listen to our Opportunity Culture® Audio piece, Dramatic Student Growth Follows Focus on Data, Small-Group Tutoring, and Collaboration.

For more resources on the teaching reading using the science of reading, click here.

Can’t access YouTube? Watch this video on Vimeo instead!

The following curricula were mentioned in this video (mentions of specific curricula in this video do not imply Public Impact® endorsement):

  • CORE Phonics Survey
  • LETRS® = Language Essentials for Teachers of Reading and Spelling
  • Multisyllable Routine Cards
  • 95 Percent Group
  • 95 Phonics Core Program® 
  • Vocabulary Surge™ 

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