Focusing on Quality, from the Selection Process On: An Opportunity Culture® Director Reflects

by | May 18, 2022

By Sharon Kebschull Barrett, May 18, 2022

When we heard that Anne Claire Tejtel Nornhold, who leads the Opportunity Culture® work in Baltimore City Public Schools, would move out of that role this spring, we knew we wanted to capture her reflections on what worked well and advice for other district Opportunity Culture® directors.

As Baltimore City’s Opportunity Culture® lead, Nornhold focuses on identifying schools that want to use Opportunity Culture® staffing models and helping each school design the Opportunity Culture® implementation that best fits the school. She oversees the candidate pool that schools draw from to fill their new roles, and the development of the accountability framework for those roles. 

Nornhold is a strong advocate for Opportunity Culture® implementation as a powerful means to improve student outcomes and retain great educators. Listen to her reflections in our latest Opportunity Culture® Audio piece, with her advice on focusing on a strong selection and accountability process, support for multi-classroom leaders, and having high-quality district-level Opportunity Culture® support.

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