Opportunity Culture® Dashboard

In the first 10 years that Opportunity Culture® strategic staffing designs were used in schools, more than 65 sites in 13 states across the U.S. used these designs.

The sites ranged from districts with just a few schools to the nation’s third-largest school district and included school districts as well as charter school networks.

Read highlights of some of these districts below:



Gentry School Districtt

  • Mentors, Team Teaching, 7-Week Class Cycles 12 Months a Year — Some School Innovations in Staffing and Scheduling During COVID-19, The 74, March 10, 2021
  • When Learning Went Home, Newly Named Multi-Classroom Leaders Jumped In, Public Impact®, June 12, 2020

Lincoln Consolidated School District


Nadaburg Unified School District #81

  • This Would Improve Arizona Schools More Than Anything Else, From Arizona Republic, March 17, 2019
  • In Arizona, Turning Vulnerabilities Into Strengths as Teaching Goes Home, Public Impact®, April 10, 2020


Baltimore City Public Schools

  • Collaboration breeds success through a culture of opportunity and innovation in Baltimore City Public Schools, The AFRO,  May 20, 2023
  • The Support Baltimore Teachers Deserve—Now and Post-Pandemic, The Baltimore Times, April 30, 2021

New Mexico

Carlsbad Municipal Schools

  • Creating Daily, Job-Embedded Support for Special Education Teachers, Public Impact®, February 13, 2024

North Carolina

Charlotte-Mecklenburg Schools

  • Twenty-Six Revamped Teaching Jobs with Higher Pay Attract 708 Applicants, WFAE 90.7, April 2013

Edgecombe County Public Schools

  • Running Towards the Risk of Doing School Differently, Leading School Turnaround, EdNC, November 2019
  • Teacher Leadership Roles Come to Edgecombe County, EdNC, February 2017
  • A Principal’s First Year of Leading and Serving, EdNC January 2017

Guilford County Schools

  • ‘Opportunity Culture®’ Schools in Guilford County Bested Overall District Improvement in Reading and Math, Greensboro News & Record, October 2019
  • Guilford County System Tries New Approach to Help Students at Struggling Schools, Greensboro News & Record, January 2019

Hertford County Public Schools

  • Comprehensive Communications Strengthen Opportunity Culture® School, Opportunity Culture® Audio, July, 8 2022
  • Three North Carolina School Districts Win State Advanced Teaching Roles Funding to Implement Opportunity Culture®, EdNC, January 31, 2019

Nash County

  • For Strong Educator Recruitment, Start Now: Tips from Opportunity Culture® District Leaders, Public Impact®, December 11, 2023

Vance County Schools

  • Spreading Support in Vance County During At-Home Learning, Public Impact®, April 9, 2020
  • Vance County Schools’ Jackson Named N.C. Superintendent of the Year, Public Impact®, November 22, 2019

Wilson County Schools

  • Creating Daily, Job-Embedded Support for Special Education Teachers, Public Impact®, February 13, 2024
  • Dramatic Student Growth Follows Focus on Data, Small-Group Tutoring, and Collaboration, Opportunity Culture® Audio, December 9, 2022

Winston-Salem/Forsyth County Schools

  • How Strong District Opportunity Culture® Leadership Helped Pave the Way for Low-Performing Schools to Succeed, Public Impact®, April 6, 2023



Aldine Independent School District

Ector County Independent School District

  • Muri named Region 18 superintendent of the year, Odessa American, June 16, 2022
  • Yearlong Residencies Put Aspiring Teachers from Ector County and Midland ISDs on Teams Led By Excellent Teachers, Public Impact®, December 9, 2019
  • Ector County ISD and Midland ISD partner with University of Texas in the Permian Basin and US Prep for Teacher Preparation Residencies, News West 9, December 8, 2019

Midland Independent School District

  • Teacher Apprenticeships Are Booming in Wake of Shortages. Here’s What You Need to Know, Education Week, March 17, 2023
  • Midland, Texas, Educators Highlight Early Opportunity Culture® Impact, Public Impact®, January 21, 2021
  • Also see Ector County ISD

Spring Branch Independent School District

  • The Pandemic Closed Our Doors But Opened Our Minds: Why My School District Will Not Return to ‘Normal’, Ed Surge, December 30, 2020
  • Spotlight: Spring Branch Independent School District, Public Impact®, November 27, 2019


Winchester Public Schools