School Design with Results™

Our core suite of design consulting and professional learning services

Our design services include:

School Design with ResultsConsulting Services

School Design with ResultsMonitoring and Feedback

School Design with ResultsProfessional Learning

School Design with Results™ Consulting Services

Our consulting services include expert co-design and coaching to design new roles, career paths, pay, schedules, budgeting, instruction, and more to prepare for Opportunity Culture implementation, with access to our School Excellence Portal™.

School systems can also design on their own through our School Excellence Designer™ with an affordable annual subscription to the School Excellence Portal.  Systems may add coaching, and/or live professional learning as budgets allow.

Services include monitoring, feedback, surveys, and leadership coaching after implementation begins, to ensure systems get the impact they want.

A complete rollout in all district schools typically takes 2–7 years, depending on district size and urgency to improve student learning growth systemwide. Reaching all schools and students maximizes equity, student learning results, educator pay, and satisfaction.

Design consulting options include:

Additional support available through coaching sessions, live professional learning sessions, educator surveys, and implementation monitoring services

School Design with Results™ Monitoring and Feedback Services

Boost your results and educator satisfaction with reviews of your schools’ implementation and recommendations for improvement, an annual survey of your educators comparing to thousands of others across the country, and personalized leadership coaching for principals and teacher-leaders—all based on 10 years of data and our team’s extensive experience leading change.

Services available after Opportunity Culture implementation begins include:

Our popular leadership coaching is available to Multi-Classroom Leaders, principals, and other leaders in the system. Even great leaders need help leading change.

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School Design with Results™ Professional Learning Opportunities

Supplement your team’s learning by adding live professional development sessions. Participants may receive certificates of completion that can be submitted for CEU licensure credit. Participants in the full series on Design and Implementation—or the School Design Series alone—can obtain official Opportunity Culture Certification on a range of topics by demonstrating knowledge.

More Professional Learning Opportunities Coming in 2024

District & School Design and Implementation Monitoring Series

  • Options include the full District & School Design and Implementation Monitoring Series, or just the School Design Series
  • Requires Portal subscription
  • Contact us to be notified when available

Professional Services Training and Licenses

  • This will offer the training and licensing required to provide consulting services using Opportunity Culture methods, materials, and terms*
  • Contact us to be notified when available

*Third parties are prohibited from using Opportunity Culture materials and trademarks without a license in good standing. School systems and schools, and their employees and contractors, are expressly prohibited from using materials in the School Excellence Portal without a current license allowing the specific use; and are prohibited from providing services to other systems, schools outside of their own system, or other organizations without a license to do so. These restrictions are intended to prevent spread of low-impact, low-pay and/or unsustainable designs that do not benefit students or educators as intended.