#4. Advice from an Opportunity Culture Director

by | May 18, 2022

Students at Holabird Elementary in Baltimore City Public Schools. Photo by David Carey

May 18, 2022

As Anne Claire Tejtel Nornhold, who leads the Opportunity Culture work in Baltimore City Public Schools, prepared to move out of that role in spring 2022, she spoke with Public Impact about what worked well and her advice for other district Opportunity Culture directors. Nornhold is a strong advocate for Opportunity Culture implementation as a powerful means to improve student outcomes and retain great educators. Listen to her reflections in our latest Opportunity Culture Audio piece, with her advice on focusing on a strong selection and accountability process, support for multi-classroom leaders, and having high-quality district-level Opportunity Culture support.

Advice from an Opportunity Culture Director: Anne Claire Tejtel Nornhold

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