Lead Instructional Excellence with New Tools, Resources

by | February 6, 2020

By Public Impact, February 6, 2020

To help Opportunity Culture multi-classroom leaders, their teaching teams, and other teachers lead student success, Public Impact has added to its suite of instructional excellence support. Our tools and professional development are based on experiences and feedback of top Opportunity Culture educators, as well as hard research.

We provide a free, full set of tools on Instructional Leadership and Excellence to help educators master each element—free training, teaching team study guides, educator videos, and other help for teachers, multi-classroom leaders, principals, and others in Opportunity Culture schools.

New instructional excellence tools:

  • Instructional Excellence Support Guide: Overview and Support Tool—This guide provides detailed actions for each element in the Instructional Excellence Summary, and help for multi-classroom leaders in using that detail to guide and support teachers. Two detailed action lists are linked (Connect; Lead the Classroom), with more coming in 2020.
  • Instructional Excellence Summary—This handy tool summarizes the critical elements of instructional excellence in one page. It is based on the strategies of outstanding, high-growth teachers who have worked in schools served by Public Impact and the common elements of several leading instructional experts, whose work is listed within. See the two new action lists (Connect; Lead the Classroom) below; action lists show key steps for each element in the Instructional Excellence Summary.

Don’t miss the newest study guides and accompanying action lists for two key elements of instructional excellence:

  • Connectestablishing strong relationships with students and families to cultivate a culture of learning and respect. Study Guide and Action List
  • Lead the Classroomleading with purpose and compassion, setting and reinforcing norms for routines and behavior, in face-to-face learning and online. Study Guide and Action List

For curriculum guidance, Public Impact offers two resources:

And for help in teaching reading, Public Impact provides overview tools on the science of reading:

Public Impact will continue to produce materials and trainings to help multi-classroom leaders bring the best curricula and pedagogy to their teams. For more tools and PD, see Tools and Professional Development You Need Now.

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