Where Is Teaching Really Different? New Opportunity Culture® Video

by | March 2, 2016

What could you do in an Opportunity Culture®? In a new video, teachers in Opportunity Culture® schools tell how their roles let them:

Reach more students with great teaching

Lead other teachers without leaving teaching—“the best of both worlds”

Give and get support—“the best part of an Opportunity Culture®

Personalize learning for more students

Help students learn far more

Earn higher pay for the long haul—pay supplements in Opportunity Culture® schools range up to 50 percent of average pay

Opportunity Culture® schools in eight districts nationwide extend the reach of excellent teachers and their teams to more students, for more pay, within recurring budgets; in this new video, teachers tell what they love about their new roles.

Most schools use multi-classroom leaders (MCLs), excellent teachers who stay in the classroom and lead teaching teams, providing support through co-planning, coaching, co-teaching, and team collaboration, while taking accountability for the results of all students in the team. Teachers also reach more students directly by specializing in their best elementary subjects, and by using time swaps such as blended learning to reach more students and personalize learning, without increasing how many students they teach at one time.

What did teachers say about Opportunity Culture®?

–“No other job gives you the opportunity to work directly with the teachers and the scholars to make sure that they reach their goals.”

–“With Opportunity Culture® and the MCL position, I pretty much have the best of both worlds.”

–“It was a way to get into a leadership role without doing administration and to impact kids and adults and make more money, and so, it was kind of a win-win all the way around.”

–“I just feel like I’ve gone from a first-year teacher to a third-year teacher in six months.”

–“Students at all ability levels are feeling success academically. They’re all making growth. They’re getting specialized instruction on their ability level.”

–“I’ve told other people, ‘You need to come here or go somewhere that has this program.’ ”

What did principals say?

–“I love Opportunity Culture®. I love having MCLs, which helps you to have that team feeling within the building.”

–“This is a game-changer. This is the thing that makes a difference in the schools.”

–See more administrators and teachers in the video. More about Opportunity Culture principals is coming soon!

Who should watch this video?

  • Teachers: What could you do in an Opportunity Culture®? Find out! Apply to work in an Opportunity Culture® school.
  • Principals: What could an Opportunity Culture® do for you? How about providing teacher-leaders who can help more students and help colleagues excel in their instruction—saving you time and boosting outcomes?
  • District leaders and HR recruiters: Recruiting season has started—what could your district be offering teachers that’s truly different? Find out how Opportunity Culture® schools attract large numbers of applicants, allowing them to become highly selective.
  • Parents: Would you like your children to have great teaching more often? And teachers who are well-supported so they can meet your children’s learning and emotional needs?
  • Policymakers: How could your state make an Opportunity Culture® possible in every school?

Learn more at OpportunityCulture.org—more videos from teachers and principals, and details on what makes an Opportunity Culture® different.


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