Execute Rigor and Personalization

Execute rigorous lessons aligned with the curriculum, personalizing and differentiating instruction for highly engaging, high-growth learning

More Detail

Executing rigorous, personalized lessons for mastery and growth includes the following:


Ensure that all students have ambitious learning goals

  • Set challenging, measurable goals, overall and with each student
  • Encourage students to work hard toward goals

Plan and teach lessons aligned with curriculum and student needs

  • Assess students before lessons with diagnostics
  • Set sequential learning targets to and well beyond standards
  • Continue developing and editing engaging lesson plans that align both with curriculum/standards and what students know
  • Include in lesson plans: frequent checks for understanding, personalization/differentiation, re-teaching, and acceleration
  • Differentiate instruction for students at different learning levels
  • Include assignments that allow any student to advance by choice
  • Use culturally and personally relevant activities
  • Script out higher-order questions and correct answers
  • Incorporate digital instruction wisely

Engage students deeply in the learning process

  • Incorporate student-centered teaching models, inquiry, and discussion
  • Deepen understanding via evidence and teamwork

See the one-page Instructional Excellence Summary covering all the key elements.

Study Guide

See this printable study guide with discussion questions and real examples from educators:

For Multi-Classroom LeadersKey Element of Instructional Excellence: Execute Rigor and Personalization

Videos—For Multi-Classroom Leaders & Other Instructional Teacher-Leaders

Watch these short videos of educators discussing the elements of Execute Rigor and Personalization, organized by action:

Discussion Questions

Use these discussion questions to help guide your instructional team through the elements of Execute Rigor and Personalization:

    1. Which actions in this element of instructional excellence are strengths for you or your team?
    2. Which actions in this element of instructional excellence are weaknesses for you or your team? Think about actions you never take, fail to take as often as needed, or do not take as well as needed to achieve strong learning growth consistently.
    3. What one to three specific changes will you or your team make to use your strengths more often or more consistently and improve weaknesses in the coming months?
    4. Make a brief action plan with specific goals, roles, and time by which you will make specific changes!
    5. Did your changes produce better learning results? If so, keep them. If not, think again about what other changes to make!

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