Opportunity Culture® Dashboard

As of 2022–23:

945 Multi-Classroom Leaders Earn More for Extending Their Reach by Leading Teams
474 Team Reach Teachers Earn More for Extending Their Reach to More Students
4,002 Team Teachers Receive On-The-Job Development on Teams

Opportunity Culture® Educator Roles

Some Opportunity Culture® roles are reserved for teachers with a track record of high-growth student learning, including the Multi-Classroom Leader (MCL) and Master Team Reach Teacher roles. Most Team Reach Teacher (TRT) roles and those of team teacher are held by teachers with a typical range of prior effectiveness. TRTs and team teachers, on average, move student learning growth up 27 percentile points after joining an MCL’s team, according to independent researchers. Before 2017–18, schools designing Opportunity Culture® implementation used a variety of roles to extend teachers’ reach. All schools designing Opportunity Culture® implementation plans since 2018 use Multi-Classroom Leader teams and roles.

Multi-Classroom Leader


Team Reach Teacher


*all, including Master TRTs and others

Team Teacher


Reach Associate


Role Descriptions

Multi-Classroom Leader (MCL) role
The Multi-Classroom Leader role is for teachers with a record of high-growth student learning who lead a small subject or grade teaching team, for much higher pay, within regular school budgets. They continue to teach some portion of the time, in various ways. MCLs lead lesson planning, data analysis, and instructional changes through coaching, co-teaching, modeling, and collaborating with their team teachers, and they lead the creation of a tutoring culture. They take accountability for the learning outcomes of all the students the team serves. The Multi-Classroom Leadership model creates a strong environment of support, collaboration, and on-the-job professional learning for teachers; this also provides districts with an internal leadership development pipeline.

Team Reach Teacher  (TRT) role
Some or all of the teachers on a Multi-Classroom Leader team may be in Team Reach Teacher (TRT) roles, who directly teach more students than usual, typically without raising instructional group sizes. These teachers receive the guidance and support of the MCL, and the team also has paraprofessional “Reach Associate” support. Educators in Master Team Reach Teacher (MTRT) roles, who also have a track record of high-growth student learning, assist MCLs with team leadership. (In schools that joined the Opportunity Culture® initiative before 2018–19, some reach-extending teachers work on a team led by an MCL, while others teach independently. Schools planning and implementing Opportunity Culture® roles since that time always place these teachers on MCL teams.)

Team Teacher role 
Team teachers work on an MCL team, receiving intensive MCL support and working collaboratively as a team to review student progress and adjust instruction to ensure high-progress learning for every student. Each team teacher is accountable to the MCL for their contributions to the learning outcomes of each student, with specific goals and measures dependent on the role each plays.

Reach Associate and Teacher Resident roles
Opportunity Culture® teaching teams also include the Reach Associate and teacher resident roles. In the Reach Associate role, advanced paraprofessionals support MCL teams and tutor students in small groups. Teachers in MCL roles give heavy guidance on lessons, student groups, and classroom management. Teacher residents in modified Reach Associate roles also tutor, and they learn the full teaching role while earning pay and benefits.