Evaluation, Accountability, and Professional Development in an Opportunity Culture® Guide

Evaluation is one critical element of an Opportunity Culture, used primarily to guide development and career opportunities. But previous teacher evaluation reforms were built for the one-teacher-one-classroom model, and few districts have provided a robust, sustainably funded way to connect teacher evaluation with career opportunities. This guide will help education leaders align evaluation and its uses with an Opportunity Culture and similar school models and career paths—successfully and at a low cost.

Recruitment Toolkit

Opportunity Culture roles have attracted great teachers across the country, producing strong recruiting results for schools of all kinds. But having great roles is not enough. Early, active recruitment and strong communications are essential to reach great candidates—both within a district and from elsewhere—and encourage them to apply for Opportunity Culture roles. Some Opportunity Culture schools begin active recruitment the prior fall, rather than waiting until spring or summer.

Opportunity Culture® Toolkit

This toolkit helps schools and districts create an Opportunity Culture for students and teachers, in which all students have access to excellent teachers and their teaching teams, consistently, and all teachers have well-paid, financially sustainable career advancement opportunities and rigorous, job-embedded development. The toolkit offers step-by-step guidance for choosing and implementing the school models that allow great teachers and their teams to extend their reach to more students, for more pay, within budget.