Beverley Tyndall

Every Educator Needs a Coach: Three Keys to Get There

Using Opportunity Culture® staffing models, small teaching teams aim to provide every educator with a great coach in the Multi-Classroom Leader™ role. What can administrators do to support these teacher-leaders in their new coaching roles? This webinar presents three keys to achieving widespread but personalized coaching and a platform to support it. Special guest Casey Jackson of North Carolina’s Vance County Schools discusses her previous coaching experience as a team leader and her current role as a district administrator responsible for the success of educators in that role. She is joined by Krissy Fisher and Hannah Schuele of SchoolMint, creator of the SchoolMint Grow teacher coaching platform.

Behavioral Event Interview Demo

A behavioral event interview (BEI) is a specialized interview technique focused on past events to uncover key patterns of behavior or thinking that better predict future success.

May 2024 Newsletter: What Makes Strategic Staffing Changes Stick?

How do great educators use the results of one school year to plan and launch the next? In our free, three-part webinar series, excellent educators in the Multi-Classroom Leader™ role will share their wisdom. We also share keys to sustainability from educators in Vance County, who are in year six of Opportunity Culture® implementation. Plus you’ll find professional learning opportunities, tools, videos, social media highlights and more! Read the May 2024 newsletter here.

#12. For N.C. Superintendent, Opportunity Culture® Teams Lead to a “Return on Instructional Investment”

Since 2017, the Vance County, N.C., school system has used Opportunity Culture® teaching teams to improve teacher retention and student learning. How has the district sustained implementation through a pandemic and transition to a new superintendent? Superintendent Cindy Bennett discusses what the district values in the support these teams provide, and how it continues to learn and adjust its use of the model—with a focus on Aycock Elementary, now in year six of implementation and exceeding the state’s expectations for student learning growth.

From Reflection to Planning to Launch: A 3-Part Series on How Educators Prep for a New Year

When great educators launch a new school year well, what was behind the scenes of that success? In this three-part webinar series, proven educators and teaching team leaders take viewers from the previous spring, when they review hits and misses, to using that data to set themselves up for planning and launching the next year. The series includes Part 1: Reflect to Prep, Part 2: Planning Ahead, and Part 3: From Plan to Launch.

Opportunity Culture® SIMPLE™ Tutoring Design

The Opportunity Culture SIMPLE™ Tutoring Design series explains how to create small-group instruction that reaches all students, provided by all available adults within the school.

Top 2 Ways RAs Support MCL Teams

See how paraprofessionals in the advanced Reach Associate role help support a tutoring culture on MCL-led teaching teams.

September 2023 Newsletter: It’s Party Time—Celebrating You!

In our September 2023 newsletter, we celebrate 10 years of Opportunity Culture impact; unveil our revamped website; congratulate several Opportunity Culture districts on recent recognition; share tools, videos, and social media highlights; and introduce the newest Public Impact team members. Read the September 2023 newsletter here.