The Science of Reading Comes Alive! Read the January OC Newsletter

by | January 30, 2023

The January newsletter includes a new Opportunity Culture® video about the science of reading, a prompt for Opportunity Culture® principals, winter resources, and media highlights. Read the January 2023 newsletter here.


The Science of Reading and Addressing Teacher Shortages

Using Opportunity Culture® Roles to Support Science of Reading-Based Instruction
The science of reading has “come alive” at Lucama Elementary, in North Carolina’s Wilson County Schools, after the principal and her team of Multi-Classroom Leaders led the use of multiple curricula and data-driven small-group instruction and interventions—resulting in strong student learning growth. For more about Lucama, listen to this Opportunity Culture® audio piece.

How Innovative Staffing Can Address Teacher Shortages, Permanently—and Boost Learning
How can innovative staffing help reduce staffing shortages and boost learning? The Opportunity Culture® initiative uses innovative staffing designs to create new career options for educators, increase collaboration and support, and incorporate high-impact tutoring for all students into the school day—within regular budgets. Following the five Opportunity Culture® Principles, schools and system leaders gain new tools to address shortages with staffing models that do not require filling every teacher vacancy, to ensure that students have access to excellent instruction. Hear from Opportunity Culture® educators and district leaders about the roles in this brief.

December can be such a busy month with holidays and school breaks. If you missed our December newsletter, check it out here for an audio piece about how one school dramatically increased student growth, a video on co-teaching, and more. 

Read the rest of the January newsletter here.

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