Teaching Reading

Using teams to enhance the power of the science of reading

Many districts have focused on reading instruction based on the science of reading, and with their team-based approach, schools using Opportunity Culture® models are well-situated to implement such methods. These schools use teams led by educators with a track record of high-growth student learning who take on the Multi-Classroom Leader™ role; their leadership means no teacher carries the weight of change alone. Schools can use this leadership role to ease the burden for individual teachers implementing science of reading-based instruction, while ensuring consistency and follow-through at every grade level.

See how these team leaders helped the science of reading “come alive” at Lucama Elementary

At North Carolina’s Lucama Elementary, for example, the science of reading came alive when educators in this MCL™ role received professional development from the district, then became the building-level support and oversight for implementation.

Dramatic Student Growth Follows Focus on Data, Small-Group Tutoring, and Collaboration

From Opportunity Culture® Audio

The concise resources offered here help teachers learn the basics of the research on the science of reading and turn them into simple, actionable steps to boost standard curricula.

The Science of Reading: Trainings and Action Guides

Understanding the Simple View of Reading

Start here: This introduction and study guide—available with and without speaker notes—provide a primer on the simple view of reading.


The Science of Reading—Introduction: Understanding the Simple View of Reading—This slide deck details the simple view of reading equation—Decoding X Language Comprehension = Reading Comprehension—and distinguishes misleading conventional wisdom from facts based on research about teaching methods that boost students’ reading comprehension.


The Science of Reading—Study & Action Guide: Improving Your Multi-Classroom Leadership™ Team’s Instruction—This slide deck is intended to help these teams and other teachers improve reading instruction and student learning growth fast.


Overview: Bringing the Science of Reading Into the Classroom—in this publication in the Opportunity Culture® Connect series, educators get a one-page reminder of the critical elements of reading research.

Reading Comprehension Training

Follow the introductory materials with this three-part training, all available with and without speaker notes, on reading comprehension, a key element of reading instruction once students have mastered the component skills of the simple view of reading.


Part 1: Reading Comprehension Overview—This slide deck defines the elements of reading comprehension and why each matters, and identifies ways that teachers in all content areas can develop students’ comprehension skills.


Part 2: Explicit Comprehension Instruction—This slide deck focuses on a critical, research-based approach to supporting students’ textual meaning-making.


Part 3: MCL™/Team Leader Study and Action Guide—This slide deck identifies next steps for systematically improving your team’s explicit comprehension instruction together.