New Opportunity Culture® Audio: Making the Most of Opportunity Culture® Innovations

by | September 14, 2022

By Public Impact®, September 14, 2022

Since Superintendent Scott Muri, a finalist for state superintendent of the year in Texas, brought Opportunity Culture® models to Ector County Independent School District in 2019, the district has seen significant improvement in student learning and teacher recruitment.

In the latest Opportunity Culture® audio piece, Muri highlights the broad impact Opportunity Culture® innovations can make, including on student success, teacher residencies, teacher leadership, and district operations.

“There’s a lot of noise in our country today about the teaching profession, really about public education in general, and I was with a group of our teachers yesterday in fact, and they were listening to some noise on social media, and you could see the effect that it had on them, and I know that that translated into the classroom,” Muri said. “And so, whenever we can do something to build the profession and especially, to create an opportunity for the individual teacher, then that is an opportunity that we need to take advantage of, and Opportunity Culture® gives us that mechanism to reward our finest, our greatest, our most effective educators.”

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