New Opportunity Culture Audio: N.C. Principal Shares Communication Strategies

July 15, 2022

By Public Impact, July 15, 2022

Julie Shields has been principal of Bearfield Primary School in Hertford County, North Carolina, since 2003. Just before Covid hit, her school began Opportunity Culture implementation to improve academic outcomes for students and enhance the caring atmosphere of the school.

“Opportunity Culture has strengthened the relationships across grade levels because we all want to hear what each other is doing, because we’re all on the same team,” Shields said. “So that’s what I’ve seen—the cultures strengthened across grade levels, and therefore, every child is being taught by an excellent teacher and that’s our goal.”

Shields focused initially on creating a strong communications strategy, to ensuring staff comfort and buy-in with Opportunity Culture roles. She succeeded: In the annual Opportunity Culture national survey, Bearfield Primary ranked in the top five for communicating its Opportunity Culture plans and impact. In this audio piece, she shares how she plans communications that will keep Opportunity Culture implementation thriving over many years.

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