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by | September 6, 2021

By Public Impact®, August 26, 2021

Are your back-to-school emotions at a high pitch this year—a mix of hope and joy and concern? This month’s newsletter provides resources that may help soothe some concerns and set you up for success with your teaching teams and students—plus news about Opportunity Culture® districts and a feature on a multi-classroom leader who had the opportunity to meet with U.S. Secretary of Education Cardona. What would you share with Cardona if you had the chance? Tell me—and let me know what helped in this newsletter, and what you need in future editions. Meanwhile, please share this with your colleagues so they can sign up for future newsletters!
—Sharon Kebschull Barrett, editor

Tools You Need Now

For multi-classroom leaders:

For principals:

For all educators:

  • Check out all the other helpful resources and videos on the Instructional Leadership & Excellence webpages
  • When the pandemic hit, we put together several guides to online technology, and recently updated our Tips for Educators Using Zoom. If you are still teaching students remotely this year, you may want to use the new “focus” mode that allows you to see all students while students see only you, not their classmates. 

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