As COVID-19 Forces Shutdowns, Resources for Teaching and Learning at Home

by | March 16, 2020

By Sharon Kebschull Barrett, March 16, 2020

As many schools close and turn to online learning due to COVID-19, multi-classroom leaders (MCLs) can help smooth and lead the way for their teaching teams and students. Students need their teachers’ steadying hand even more when the world feels chaotic and parents face extra stress.

Public Impact® published initial guidance on Friday, with more to come for schools using Opportunity Culture® and those who have not yet used it. See here for that guidance and more resources–all free, as always.

Multi-classroom leaders, we encourage you to join the private Facebook group just for MCLs, to share resources, concerns, and questions.

What other resources do you wish we had for you? Let me know, using our contact form here.

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