First Look: Remotely Located Teacher Leadership

May 8, 2019

From EdNC, May 8, 2019, by Sharon Kebschull Barrett

This semester, the College Board and the North Carolina School of Science and Mathematics (NCSSM) joined with Public Impact’s Opportunity Culture initiative to test the remotely located Multi-Classroom Leadership model: An excellent NCSSM teacher would lead a small team of teachers spread across rural North Carolina districts, which often lack enough teachers who are prepared to ensure student success in advanced classes, including AP courses and their precursors.

So far in the national Opportunity Culture initiative, multi-classroom leaders (MCLs) lead a small grade or subject teaching team within one school, providing instructional guidance and frequent on-the-job coaching while continuing to teach part of the time.

For the pilot, NCSSM teacher Maria Hernandez became the MCL for five pre-calculus teachers spread over four districts, while continuing to teach a reduced schedule at NCSSM. Along with leading and supporting the teachers, she co-taught with each teacher — sometimes leading small groups, sometimes teaching the whole class — once or twice a week via video hookup that allowed them to see one another.

Midway through the semester, I checked in with Hernandez, the team and some students to hear early impressions of the pilot’s benefits and challenges.

Hernandez took the role for its fit with NCSSM’s mission: “It’s a great opportunity, I think, to serve the state in a different way, to collaborate with these teachers. And also, I think it gives us a really good eye into the world of both the public school teachers in North Carolina but also the students who come to us from various places in the state.” Read the full article…

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