Opportunity Culture® in the News: Real Clear Education, NPR

by | April 15, 2015

Looking for an overview of an Opportunity Culture®, and an example of multi-classroom leadership in action? These could get you started:

  • Today, Public Impact® co-directors Bryan and Emily Hassel kick off a monthly series of posts on Real Clear Education by Opportunity Culture® educators. They explain the concepts behind an Opportunity culture as background to the series, which will be followed next month by Charlotte Multi-Classroom Leader Kristin Cubbage on her new role, which lets her extend her reach to more students by leading a team of teachers.
  • Nashville reporter Blake Farmer produced a story for NPR’s “All Things Considered” on a multi-classroom leader at Bailey STEM Middle School that continues to get attention. Farmer profiles Whitney Bradley, who is up for Tennessee Teacher of the Year, and discusses how schools using Multi-Classroom Leadership are creating a profession with room to grow and advance.

You can hear what Cubbage and other multi-classroom leaders, team teachers, and principals think about an Opportunity Culture® at our Voices on Video page.

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