Osceola School District

Schools will begin using Opportunity Culture® in:


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As part of its commitment to implement Opportunity Culture® in schools across the state, the Arkansas Department of Education began supporting its third cohort of school districts in 2021, including Osceola School District. The district will begin implementing Opportunity Culture® roles in the 2021–22 school year.

“We are excited to expand the Opportunity Culture® model in Arkansas.  We believe that this evidence-based model provides an innovative structure for districts to extend the reach of highly effective teachers to more students,” ADE Deputy Commissioner Ivy Pfeffer said.

“We are looking forward to the process of using Opportunity Culture® to transform teaching and learning for the students of Osceola School District,” Superintendent Alfred Hogan said.


As of fall 2020, Osceola School District has four schools and 108 teachers. They serve 1,202 students, of whom 79 percent are Black and 15 percent are white. Opportunity Culture® roles appeal to the district in its quest to improve student academic success and become one of the fastest-improving districts in Arkansas.



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