La Vega ISD

Schools began using Opportunity Culture® in:


Learn more about the Opportunity Culture® initiative in La Vega ISD by visiting the district website.


In 2020, La Vega ISD began designing their Opportunity Culture® plans for implementation in fall 2021. La Vega ISD, along with Waco ISD, designed Opportunity Culture® with paid teacher residencies in partnership with the Tarleton State University. In addition to working with Tarleton State University, La Vega and Waco ISDs are working with Texas Tech University.

The universities are members in the University-School Partnerships for the Renewal of Educator Preparation (US PREP). As members of US PREP, the universities spend three years piloting, scaling, and sustaining the Teacher Preparation Quality Objectives, which will result in the training of teachers who are ready to meet the needs of their K–12 students. Taken together with the Opportunity Culture® model, candidates receive compensation during their residency year.

“La Vega ISD is ecstatic about the opportunity to implement the Opportunity Culture® model,” Superintendent Sharon M. Shields said. “The Opportunity Culture® mission and vision align very well with the districts.  Components of the model support and expand on existing efforts in La Vega. The impact of OC in LVISD is limitless. The potential and opportunity to replicate our most effective teachers will further improve our instructional practices, leading to higher staff effectiveness and, therefore, student success.”

La Vega ISD Demographics

When La Vega ISD began designing its Opportunity Culture® in 2020, the district had five schools serving 3,100 students. Of those students, 57 percent were Hispanic and 26 percent were Black. About 89 percent meet the economically disadvantaged criteria.

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