Aspiring Multi-Classroom Leader™ Academy

Build a teacher-leader pipeline in your district

The Aspiring Multi-Classroom Leader™ Academy provides a professional learning series focused on building skills and understanding for high-performing teachers who may be interested in pursuing a Multi-Classroom Leader™ (MCL) role. Opportunity Culture® directors in districts that offered the academy to their staff found it provided “a great base of applicants who had high motivation and high interest,” and saw “a significant difference in how [applicants] were able to talk through the interview questions.”

Who should attend the Aspiring MCL™ Academy?

The series is designed for teachers who have demonstrated great success in their classroom but have not yet extended their reach by leading peers. If participants later assume the MCL™ role, they will poised to make an immediate impact. The series cultivates a clear understanding of the difference between this and other instructional leadership roles.

How much does the series cost?

$750 per participant, which covers 13 hours of live, virtual learning led by experienced Public Impact® facilitators.

What will the sessions cover?

The series will develop each teacher’s framework for leading ambitious and equitable teaching and learning.

Introduction to Aspiring MCL™ Academy and Opportunity Culture®

What is Ambitious Teaching and Learning and How Do We Know? 

Classroom Observation for the Purpose of Teacher Development

Observing and Interpreting Instruction—5-10 Minute Classroom Observations

Observing and Interpreting Instruction—15-20 Minute Classroom Observations

MCL™ Panel and Next Steps for Pursuing an Opportunity Culture® Role

What is the experience like for participants?

Participants engage in the sessions with a consistent cohort, formed around shared backgrounds. For example, if we have at least four secondary teachers in STEM fields, we would place them in a shared cohort. Over 99% of participants in the 2023 sessions agreed that this experience was time well-spent in pursuit of their professional goals as a teacher-leader. 

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