“Reflect to Prep” Webinar: Using This Year’s Results to Plan Ahead for the Next School Year

by | April 15, 2024

How do great educators pause to review the hits and misses of the current year to set themselves up for planning and launching the next year? In the first of our three-part, quick-tips series, excellent teaching team leaders will share how they both do this themselves and lead their team to plan ahead. Strong planning is a key element of instructional success, and pausing to reflect while the current year is still fresh can help set educators up for success.

When educators want to convey that they believe each student is capable of far more, even when students do not yet believe in themselves, they can find that planning ahead for high-standards, differentiated instruction supports the belief with action.

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This webinar series will feature teaching team leaders Alex Tobin of Thomasville City Schools. and Tonya Reaves and Sean Carberry of Charlotte-Mecklenburg Schools.

In May and August webinars, we’ll follow these educators through their spring and summer planning for and preparing to launch the 2024–25 school year, learning more quick tips any educator can use.

Learn more about two of our panelists in these links:

Tonya Reaves

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Watch: Combine Whole-Group, Small-Group, Independent Work; Lead Firmly but Warmly; Morning Meetings Strengthen Class Culture; Engage Students in Learning and High Goals

Sean Carberry

Watch: Set Pacing Calendar Before School Begins; Classroom Meetings Build Teacher-Student, Student-Student Bonds; Proactively, Positively Engage with Students

And check out our March webinar, Prep for the Testing Homestretch: Using Data-Driven Goals.

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