Prep for the Testing Homestretch with Data: March Webinar

by | February 27, 2024

As schools prepare for end-of-year testing, how can teachers and teaching team leaders use data to motivate students and teachers and celebrate learning growth? Join us for a free, 45-minute webinar on March 14, led by Erin Burns Mehigan, a former teacher-leader accountable for the learning results of the 500 students taught by her high school biology team, which produced dramatic leaps in learning growth and proficiency. She’ll be joined by special guest Stevie Roper, leader of an elementary teaching team in a Charlotte-Mecklenburg Title I school that ranked 25th in all of North Carolina for student learning growth, and had the highest proficiency growth among all the district’s elementary schools.

Mehigan will present several proven data-based strategies to prepare for the testing homestretch and discuss with Roper what she has used for success. 

Mehigan, now a Public Impact®® consulting manager helping other districts implement Opportunity Culture®® models, wrote several columns about her work as an educator; see those (and watch her) here , here, and here. And hear Roper talk about how “data is everything” in this short video.

Register here—we look forward to seeing you on March 14 at 3:30 p.m. ET!

Mehigan leads a data presentation at a 2017 convening.
Roper teaches students at Hidden Valley Elementary in Charlotte, N.C.

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