A Generation at Risk: A Call to Action

From A Generation at Risk: A Call to Action by Building Bridges Initiative, September 2023

In their recent report, A Generation at Risk: A Call to Action, the Building Bridges Initiative proposed five commitments they believe can serve as a foundation for a more responsive and engaging educational system for students. One of these actions is to “rethink how time and staff are used to improve impact with students and to improve quality of life for educators.”

The report states, “Fundamentally reimagining school-based professional roles is critical to better meeting student and family needs and to building more rewarding and sustainable careers for educators. Many have been experimenting with redesigning the one-teacher/one-classroom model. Some districts are reorganizing teachers so that they specialize and work in teams to reduce burnout. Others are experimenting with paying teachers differentially based on different levels and types of jobs, such as master teachers, associate teachers, community mental health providers, parent tutors, and so on. Dozens of school districts across the U.S. are already piloting this approach through participation in the Opportunity Culture® and Next Education Workforce Initiatives, as well as in states (see North Carolina’s Advanced Teaching Roles initiative).”

Read the full report here.

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