Celebrating 10 Opportunity Culture® Years!

by | September 14, 2023

We are kicking off the 2023-24 school year with big celebrations–and big plans for more! At Public Impact®, we’re celebrating our 10th year of helping schools implement what district leaders call “game-changing” Opportunity Culture® innovative staffing models, proven to get results for student learning and educator satisfaction. 

Since the first pioneering districts began implementing Opportunity Culture® models in 2013-14, the national Opportunity Culture® initiative to reach more students with excellent teaching and more educators with excellent careers keeps growing! We’re excited to see all that Opportunity Culture® schools have achieved so far, and ready to reach many more in the second decade.

In 2022–23, the Opportunity Culture® initiative reached more students than the 17th-largest school district in the United States and the country’s largest charter school network—serving more than 150,000 students, and rising every year. We track progress on our data dashboard–check it out for much more!

And explore this newly revamped website to learn about the impact Opportunity Culture® strategic staffing models lead to:

  • student learning that’s boosted by an extra half-year, on average
  • while retaining effective teachers and paying many positions more
  • giving them the support, collaboration, and career opportunities they want…
  • through sustainable teaching team roles and instructional innovations that put students on the path to higher-paying jobs
  • with a big positive impact on local and state economies.

We have quick-access pages just for educators, Opportunity Culture® directors, and state and district leaders interested in learning more. On the website, you can learn about the basics of Opportunity Culture® educator roles, see how those roles can make small-group teaching and tutoring possible for all students every day, watch videos of Opportunity Culture® educators in action, find instructional leadership and excellence resources–and much more!

Opportunity Culture® districts and schools commit to reaching all students with excellent teaching, consistently, and reaching all educators with outstanding, paid career opportunities, including on-the-job development and well-paid career advancement without leaving the classroom.

Join the party! Make your commitment to be a part of the second decade of innovative staffing that gets results. Contact us to get started!

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