Using Innovative Staffing to Boost Student Success, Educator Satisfaction

From The Compass, by Sharon Kebschull Barrett, August 2023

Amid bleak news about student learning and teacher shortages, innovative staffing concepts offer hope. But school systems have limited time and funding—how can they ensure a big impact for their efforts?

Several staffing model design elements can boost both student success and teacher satisfaction. While some staffing design efforts accomplish one or two important goals, the best staffing models get results on several fronts and within regular budgets.

Innovative staffing means redesigning instructional and leadership roles, schedules and funding. When staffing is designed well, results include: new career options for educators, higher pay, happy educators, reduced teaching vacancies, increased teacher collaboration and teamwork, paid residencies to attract and support new educators, high-impact tutoring during school for all students and higher-growth student learning. …

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