How District Support Aids Opportunity Culture® Educators: March Opportunity Culture® Newsletter

by | March 8, 2023

The March newsletter includes information about an upcoming module, several new Opportunity Culture® materials, spring resources, and media highlights. See an excerpt below.

Building a Scalable and Sustainable Tutoring Culture for All

What is a scalable, sustainable tutoring culture, and how can schools build it? Opportunity Culture® schools can create a tutoring culture when those in Multi-Classroom Leader roles guide their teams to maximize the impact of small-group teaching and tutoring for all students, with all available adults.

On March 29, Public Impact® will release an on-demand module for district and school leaders and those in MCL roles that focuses on our “SIMPLE” tutoring culture framework. The module will:

  • share our research-informed definition of an MCL-led tutoring culture replete with small-group tutoring and teaching, and how it can help all students;
  • explore our SIMPLE method to build a tutoring culture; and
  • show viewers how to build a plan to put SIMPLE into place on their MCL teams.

Mark your calendars, and use this link on March 29 to watch the module!

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