New Opportunity Culture Audio: Becoming a Committed Opportunity Culture School

September 7, 2022

By Public Impact, September 7, 2022

In the annual, anonymous survey given to Opportunity Culture educators, Ross Elementary in Ector County, Texas, received high ratings despite the stress of another Covid year. Susan Hendricks, an Opportunity Culture Fellow who was the school’s principal until she became the district’s director of leadership in August, describes the communication needed to become a committed Opportunity Culture school in the latest Opportunity Culture audio piece.

“Everybody understands their role, everybody understands what’s expected, and the whole school understands that everybody gets coached,” Hendricks said.

As principal, Hendricks made Opportunity Culture roles part of the culture of the school by implementing them schoolwide, with multi-classroom leader teams in every grade, regularly celebrating successes, and hiring carefully for multi-classroom leaders. For more, listen to the audio piece here.

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