New Opportunity Culture® Audio: Becoming a Committed Opportunity Culture® School

by | September 7, 2022

By Public Impact®, September 7, 2022

In the annual, anonymous survey given to Opportunity Culture® educators, Ross Elementary in Ector County, Texas, received high ratings despite the stress of another Covid year. Susan Hendricks, an Opportunity Culture® Fellow who was the school’s principal until she became the district’s director of leadership in August, describes the communication needed to become a committed Opportunity Culture® school in the latest Opportunity Culture® audio piece.

“Everybody understands their role, everybody understands what’s expected, and the whole school understands that everybody gets coached,” Hendricks said.

As principal, Hendricks made Opportunity Culture® roles part of the culture of the school by implementing them schoolwide, with multi-classroom leader teams in every grade, regularly celebrating successes, and hiring carefully for multi-classroom leaders. For more, listen to the audio piece here.

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