Kicking Off the New School Year: August Opportunity Culture Newsletter

August 18, 2022

By Public Impact, August 18, 2022

Welcome to all the new sites and schools beginning to implement their Opportunity Culture designs this fall! Educators at 116 more schools—in both new and established Opportunity Culture sites—are about to see their plans in action. It takes a lot of hard work, deep thinking, and extensive communication to bring these plans to life, and we at Public Impact wish all of you the best!

These districts and charter organizations are either designing or beginning to implement Opportunity Culture plans this year:

  • Houston Independent School District (ISD), Texas
  • Fort Bend ISD, Texas
  • Spring ISD, Texas,
  • Uplift Education, Texas
  • Nash County Public Schools, North Carolina
  • Thomasville City School District, North Carolina
  • Mount Airy City Schools, North Carolina
  • Winchester Public Schools, Virginia
  • Chesapeake Public Schools, Virginia
  • Cutter Morning Star Public Schools, Arkansas
  • Lee County School District, Arkansas

Opportunity Culture Audio

Kicking off the school year with an effective communications strategy—in both newly implementing and established Opportunity Culture schools—can increase staff comfort and buy-in with Opportunity Culture roles. In Comprehensive Communications Strengthen Opportunity Culture School , Principal Julie Shields of Bearfield Primary School in Hertford County, North Carolina, talks through how she plans communications to keep Opportunity Culture implementation thriving over many years.

Shields had just begun Opportunity Culture implementation in her school before Covid hit and knew she needed a strong communications strategy. Her efforts succeeded: In the annual Opportunity Culture national survey, Bearfield Primary ranked in the top five for communicating its Opportunity Culture plans and impact.

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