Education Matters: Advanced Teaching Roles

From Education Matters, July 16, 2022

In this episode of Education Matters, a weekly television show about the state of public education in North Carolina, host Mary Ann Wolf, President and Executive Director of the Public School Forum, interviews Public Impact® Co-President Bryan Hassel about the Opportunity Culture® initiative and Advanced Teaching Roles. Advanced Teaching Roles (ATR) is a state grant program designed to help retain and expand the reach of highly effective teachers in North Carolina. Most of the North Carolina districts receiving ATR grants use Opportunity Culture® roles. The episode also features Brenda Berg, President and CEO, BEST NC; and Principal Beth Callicutt and lead teacher Sha Mosley, from Charles England Elementary School in the Lexington City Schools district, which uses Opportunity Culture® roles.

Note: The interview with Bryan Hassel begins at 10:00

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