Education Matters: Advanced Teaching Roles

July 16, 2022

From Education Matters, July 16, 2022

In this episode of Education Matters, a weekly television show about the state of public education in North Carolina, host Mary Ann Wolf, President and Executive Director of the Public School Forum, interviews Public Impact Co-President Bryan Hassel about the Opportunity Culture initiative and Advanced Teaching Roles. Advanced Teaching Roles (ATR) is a state grant program designed to help retain and expand the reach of highly effective teachers in North Carolina. Most of the North Carolina districts receiving ATR grants use Opportunity Culture roles. The episode also features Brenda Berg, President and CEO, BEST NC; and Principal Beth Callicutt and lead teacher Sha Mosley, from Charles England Elementary School in the Lexington City Schools district, which uses Opportunity Culture roles.

Note: The interview with Bryan Hassel begins at 10:00

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