An Opportunity Culture® Principal Reflects

by | February 25, 2022

By Sharon Kebschull Barrett, February 25, 2022

Kicking off the new “Opportunity Culture® Audio” pieces that we’ll begin sharing from time to time this year, our first piece highlights Jenny O’Meara, who until 2021 served as a principal for a middle school using Opportunity Culture® roles.

O’Meara, who was an Opportunity Culture® Fellow in 2019–20, worked in Edgecombe County Public Schools in a rural part of North Carolina, which has taken its Opportunity Culture® implementation district-wide. After stepping away from her principalship, she sat for an interview about her Opportunity Culture® experience, including reflections on working with her school’s first multi-classroom leader, or MCL, and valuable lessons to share with current principals.

And in a bonus clip, O’Meara explains one way the school worked to create stronger bonds between students and teachers, to be sure that all students felt a place to belong.

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