Opportunity Culture® offers teachers flexibility and support through team-based model

From Mary Lou Fulton Teachers College, December 3, 2021, by Meghan Ensell

The country experienced a “hangover” from the last workforce-oriented push in education, which focused on teacher evaluation and within that, far too much on ridding schools of the least effective teachers, says Bryan Hassel, co-president of Public Impact®, an education policy and management consulting firm in Chapel Hill, North Carolina.

“The risk that education advocates would drop talent and workforce as a focus? No. Teachers are still the most important school-based factor in student learning, and that won’t change any time soon,” he says. “So what’s next?”  

Hassel is one of 22 education leaders who will be featured at the Next Education Workforce Summit 2022, hosted by Arizona State University’s Mary Lou Fulton Teachers College, in February. The virtual event, which will take place over a day and a half, will bring together education leaders, practitioners and experts, and provide the opportunity to collaboratively redesign the education workforce. 

Here, Hassel shares how Public Impact®’s Opportunity Culture® initiative — which seeks to put high-quality teachers in front of more students, give every educator greater career opportunities and support, and redesign schools into small teams led by multi-classroom leaders — intersects with the Next Education Workforce. Read more…

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