How Schools Should Use Funds from the American Rescue Plan to Support Students

From Chiefs for Change, March 11, 2021

Chiefs for Change is grateful to President Biden for his leadership and to Congress for approving emergency relief aid that is commensurate with the tremendous challenges America’s schools are facing amid Covid-19.

As K-12 leaders prepare to receive their share of the $123 billion included in the American Rescue Plan, we developed this memo for states and districts. It is based on relevant research as well as insights and practices from our members’ systems. The memo outlines the areas systems should prioritize in order to best support students during the pandemic and prepare them to thrive in the years to come. Priority areas are: reopening schools and keeping them open; accelerating student learning; creating strong postsecondary pathways; closing the digital divide; and redesigning assessments and accountability systems.

We urge all K-12 leaders to seize this opportunity to implement innovative, evidence-based approaches that will not only help today’s students recover from the crisis, but will create a better and more equitable education system for future generations.

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