ECISD, MISD starting their second year of Opportunity Culture®

From News West9, September 22, 2020, by Rachel Ripp

MIDLAND, Texas — Teachers have a lot on their plates this year, more than ever.

But some of them here in the Basin have signed up for a brand new teaching landscape plus more students to teach or co-workers to coach.

These teachers are involved in what’s called “Opportunity Culture®” at ECISD and MISD.

“We also saw this as a way to keep good teachers in the classroom. I think a lot of teachers get tempted at a point to say I want to go into administration or I want to try and be a principal or I want to do something else other than teach and they’re great teachers. We don’t want to lose that. We want to keep them here, and by paying them what they’re worth I think that that helps keep them in the classroom,” Chris Hightower, MISD Opportunity Culture® director said. Read more…

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