From math to PE, teachers creating online video library for Guilford County Schools students

From News and Record, May 6, 2020, by Jessie Pounds

Guilford County Schools is pulling together a new resource for parents and students, who are finishing the school year virtually because of the coronavirus pandemic.

It is an online library of district-made videos explaining topics that students should or would be learning about in their grade levels. Teachers and others have been working for weeks to make the videos. This week, the district started uploading them to a special spot on its website for distance learning.

The first videos posted relate to elementary school math and reading. Interested parents and students should continue to check back as the video library grows. Most of the content will be geared toward elementary and middle school students, according to the Whitney Oakley, the school system’s chief academic officer, but added that there will be some videos posted for high school students as well, particularly for fine arts and physical education.

The videos aren’t meant to replace lessons from students’ regular teachers, but they can be used as a supplement by students and parents — and even by the classroom teachers.

The school system called on teachers like Brandi Turner involved in its Opportunity Culture® program to help make the videos. Read the full article…

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